Product Labeling, Marketing & Brand Protection Law

You’ve put in the time and effort to develop a marketable product.  Let Rollman & Dahlin help ensure that your rights are protected and that you are not making mistakes in labeling or marketing that can cost you dearly.  

We review and provide guidance on product labeling and packaging, including food, beverage, drug, cosmetics, nutracueticals, and cannabis products. We advise on health, structure/function and science-based claims, as well as on the many federal and state regulations and laws governing labeling to keep you in compliance and avoid enforcement actions or consumer claims. 

We also provide advertising clearance and advise on claim substantiation for all forms of advertising, including print, television, e-commerce, social media, native advertising, user-generated content, and product packaging.  Having worked with some of the nation's top food, beverage and agribusinesses, we are well-equipped to counsel on the balancing act needed to achieve your marketing objectives while reducing your risk of regulatory enforcement actions or consumer claims.  We also handle advertising litigation and dispute resolution, including Federal Trade Commission actions, competitor challenges, class actions, and proceedings before the National Advertising Division of the Better Business Bureau.

Finally, we give practical advice that allows you to make informed decisions that will protect and grow your brand.  We provide trademarks clearance and registration, copyright clearance and registration, and, when necessary, we will enforce your intellectual property rights through litigation or alternative dispute resolution methods.